Profiling to Integration


The ability to effectively give and receive feedback is an important assessment and leadership skill after the hire. The ability to give effective feedback correlates with the emotional intelligence competencies emotional self-awareness, self-regulation, impulse control, empathy and interpersonal skills during the first 180 days. The feedback will only be shared among the evaluation team and candidate, and is treated as confidential.

The evaluation feedback process is a structured exercise in which you learn to use the Situation, Behavior, Impact (SBI) model to assess another person’s behaviors and comments and then formulate and deliver feedback based on the impact their behavior has on you and others. The evaluators will provide information to help the new hire quickly integrate in real time with anonymous safe feedback at the end of 30,60,90 and 180 days. The candidate will also provide feedback to the evaluators during the same time period. This is not a performance review, but description of situations and behaviors that will foster high performance, alignment and cultural fit.

Learning to identify thoughts (perceived impact) about why someone is behaving the way they are and how to share these thoughts and feelings appropriately is at the heart of the SBI feedback model.
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