Value Proposition Differentiators

Why  Harrington  Search
  • Jim leads all searches end to end. 100% accountable for results
  • Assessment ability- objective and subjective alignment with client style and culture
  • End to end interview and integration process
  • Understanding of client business and KPIs
  • Global network/relationships with talent on a local basis. Industry knowledge and candidate pools
  • Creative networker with a real time data base of sources
  • Few off limit companies
  • Effective planning with a high sense of urgency and quality to close and complete the search

Culture and Style
  • Assessment of the culture fit and change management if required early on in the search engagement. EQ evaluation balanced with IQ domain expertise. Crisp specification design including key competencies as well. The “who” combines with the “what” they hire.
Aligned Interview Process With Client
  • Thorough and aligned internal interview and assessment process with the evaluation team targeting competencies, desired behavior, and past relevance balanced with future potential. Helps the client create relevant questions that target the profile and fit. IQ, EQ, experience, competencies and domain expertise analyzed during the interviews to discuss among the aligned assessment team post interview.
Designed Integration Process
  • 6 month integration plan and follow up  by Harrington Search
  • Rigorous integration of the new hire with their peer and the manager at 30,60,90 and 180 days with Breakfast of Champions feedback process
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