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As a leader in Human Resources for more than 25 years, I understand the demands of the Leadership Team, the Board of Directors and the Employees on talent and development. Companies push the envelope for innovation, outstanding business results and building great leadership. Sometimes we cannot develop leaders fast enough and we have to go outside to attract the best talent for the future.

When I read books such as Good to Great, Only the Paranoid Survive, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Emotional Intelligence First, Break All the Rules and the Steve Jobs autobiography, there were common themes and results: talent starting at the top influencing and driving courage, resilience, innovation, industry and market disruption with organizational excellence.

At Harrington Search, you will find a highly specialized and personal approach to each search. The “What”  establishes our baseline finding the domain expertise, skills and experience level. This is where most firms stop. Harrington Search goes deep into the "Who" using tools and platforms capable of assessing style and fit qualitatively and quantitatively. Globally this approach is a very “heads and hearts” personal process that is both intuitive and information driven for clients and candidates.

Harrington Search prepares the evaluation team up front for success in determining the candidate’s strong understanding of the business and culture. We take a consultative approach in assessing the business needs that translate to the candidate profile including IQ and EQ mix, competencies, skill sets and domain expertise. Executive Search is end to end approach through the executive integration process.

Harrington Search commits to a great candidate experience, client ROI and results.
With Harrington Search high performance meets high expectations.
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