Planning Model

End to end search engagement

Phase 1/Week 1: With Client Define Business Opportunity & Create Accountability (24 hours = 1 Week)

  • With the Evaluation Team and key members of the Management Team, develop the objectives and qualifications for the executive position including identification of unique priorities, challenges, and benefits of the role.
  • Assess and clarify the opportunity in the context of current economic and industry indicators.
  • Develop detailed position profile of the ideal candidate including specific criteria and cultural qualifications.
  • Drive consensus relative to search strategy, ensuring alignment among all vested parties.
  • Develop a detailed accountability plan including communications and reporting with milestones to evaluate progress.
Outcome: Develop & Execute Search Strategy

Phase 2/Weeks 2-4: Define Business Opportunity & Create Accountability (24 hours = 1 Week)

  • Undertake target research and confidential networking of opportunity across multiple industries, domestically and globally. Chart every relevant senior position within competitor organizations and other market sectors knowing that the right leader can sometimes come from an unexpected place.
  • Drive momentum through intense initial recruiting (compare and contrast backgrounds of 5 to 7 candidates in the first 2-3 weeks of the search).
  • Assess and pre-reference viable candidates and schedule for in-depth interviews. Refine candidate criteria and selection process based on Search Committee and market feedback.
Outcome: The in-depth search experience discovers and qualifies outstanding candidates.

Phase 3/Weeks 5-11: Drive Results

  • Perceptive behavioral interviewing and deep reference screening ensure field is narrowed to not only those who excel in their field, but who demonstrate the right organizational and cultural fit. EQ tools used on tool by tool basis.
  • Serving as client advocate and liaison, engage in ongoing, insightful communication with finalists to advance process.
  • Upon candidate selection, perform conclusive and final reference check, and facilitate offer and negotiations. Provide ongoing advisory services to address apprehensions, ensure acceptance, and guide transition.
  • Notify candidates not selected in the final round.
Outcome: Right candidate is selected and closed

Phase 4/Week 12 and ongoing: Evaluate Performance & Ensure Success

  • Design integration process with the client and candidate.
  • Harrington Search follow up at 30, 60, 90, and 180 days with evaluation team and newly hired executive. Breakfast of Champions Model.
  • Survey client for value and effectiveness.
  • Provide consultative advice, adding value above and beyond search engagement.
Outcome: Highly satisfied client and motivated candidate who drives company to greater success

After the placement, we provide unique support for effective integration during the critical first six months.


Month 1Month 2Month 3Month 6

Support to
Hiring manager

  • Discuss integration recommendations from Candidate Report

  • Review integration plans against best practices

  • Provide detailed 360-degree assessment

  • Check 60 day integration progress against plans

  • Brief assessment via Integration Progress Matrix

  • Ensure expectations aligned with new hire

  • Check view of achievements to 90 days

  • Identify issues to probe in references

  • Provide detailed 360-degree assessment

  • Final Review/ identify learnings

Support to

  • Discuss integration recommendations from Candidate Report

  • Share thoughts on priorities for first 90 days

  • Review first 60 days

  • Brief assessment via Integration Progress Matrix

  • Provide early coaching on issues to address

  • Review first 90 days

  • Identify issues to probe

  • Provide 360-degree report feedback/ discuss development

  • Discuss on-going development needs

"Synthesize findings and feed back to both parties
with recommendations."